Coaching Staff

Head Softball

Allen, Katie

Head Wrestling

Barger, Jon

Assistant Soccer

Bartley, Kat

Head Swimming

Bernier, Stephanie

Assistant FB

Brice, Wilbert

Assistant VB

Bruscato, Laurie

Head Girl's Track/CC

Byford, Kaycie

Head Golf

Clites, Joseph

Assistant CC

Coipel, Denzel

Assistant CC

Dacosta, Ashlie

Assistant FB

Edwards, Ethan

AC/Head Football

Fish, John

Assistant VB

Garcia, Jennifer

Assistant Golf

Gustafson, Laurie

Assistant FB

Hamdan, Sean

Head Volleyball

Harris, Jim

Assistant FB

Harston, Brandon

Head Boys Track

Henzler, Hunter

Head Soccer

Limon, Antonio

Assistant Basketball

Mack, Byron

Head Baseball

Mcewan, Donald

Assistant SB

McHenry, John

Assistant Basketball

McKee, Mark

Head Basketball

McKee, Sammy

Assistant Softball

Miramontes, Dibenhi

Head FB-Long

Nelson, Cody (Gill)

Head Girl's Basketball

Osborne, Derrick

Head Girl's Soccer

Peel, Stephanie

Assistant FB

Ramirez, Chris

Assistant FB

Stevens, Michael

Assistant FB

Veach, John

Assistant FB

White, David

Assistant Football

Williams, Charles

Head Tennis

Zotos, Karen

Assistant Tennis

Granello, Dom


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